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Giro di Kutina race

In the area around Lake Mikleuška, due to previously known epidemiological measures and specific situation, Italian Community Dante Moslavina and Ak Marathon Kutina, in order to continue a beautiful humanitarian sports tradition organized this year GIRO in a slightly different form, with closed race including members of the Marathon Kutina and guests athletics friends from Ak Noga Novska in the 5km race.

Like every year, this year the Giro had its humanitarian note, and the members of the club collected the amount of HRK 1,850.00 which will be donated to the Foundation "Ivan's House" - a foundation that cares for and helps people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Excellent results in the men's competition of the winner Renato Dasović (16:56), second-placed Vedran Kelemen (17:40) and bronze Stjepan Žanić (19:09) should be singled out, while Emilija Židek won in the women's competition, ahead of Kristina Mažar and Marela Marić.
We hope that the next edition of this beautiful and already traditional competition will be able to be held in the way we all want with all our sports friends eager for this type of competition, as well as the greatest focus of all these years that was on children's sports.



Happy Easter!

How to donate?

If you would like to donate funds to the "Ivan´s house Foundation", you can do so by making a payment to IBAN and the ZIK recipient listed on the payment slip.

We thank everyone who chooses to separate from themselves to donate to work and develop our Foundation.


Charity concert and XXVIII. World Day of the Sick


On February 11th, Kutina officially celebrated the holiday of Lady of Lourdes and World Day of the Sick. The reason for this is also the development of the foundation of the "Ivan´s house" Foundation, which was founded in memory of the Servant of God the Brother Ivan Bonifacije Pavletić (Zbjegovača 1864 - Rome 1897). This monk from the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception, though a skilled carpenter, devoted his life to the sick and needy in the religious community to the extent that he died in Rome where the voice as he was holy. There are a growing number of written works about this teacher of perfection - not only in the Croatian language - both in Croatia and in the twenty countries of the world where the aforementioned Congregation operates, especially in Brazil, where the ministerial group put itself under his name and intercession. For a better understanding of the greatness of his holiness, which lies in modesty, in our homeland, we tirelessly advocate p. Mariano Passerini. Leading the evening Mass at the Baroque district Church of the BDM Snježne, he introduced those present to the charism of the Congregation, founded by the blessed Luigi Monti just one year before Mary's apparitions in Lourdes, ie. In 1857, and with his followers, he put his pledge under the protection of the Immaculate.

 The Eucharistic celebration was celebrated by the district priest Rev. V. Mato Draganovi,  vicar p. Artur Makara, local son and pastor in Budaševo whose choir performed as a guest at the concert, Rev. Krešo Bulić, Rev. Vedran Pejak-Pašić, priest of the cloister sisters in Lasinja and p. Franco Decaminada DSB.

After the Mass, the 3rd Charity Concert for the Ivan´s House Foundation was held in the full hall of the Public Open University. The title "Don't Forget Those Who Forget" speaks to the Foundation's mission to treat dementia sufferers, especially Alzheimer's. Acknowledgements were expressed to the volunteers of the Foundation for gathering, caring and home visits to beneficiaries. The regular gathering is on Wednesdays at the Foundation's premises (ZIK) in Crkvena 66, as well as the family visits. A noteworthy concert gave the grateful cheerfulness of this non-easy engagement. With the close announcement of the young leader Karlo Rapljan, church choirs from the area of ​​Kutina, vocal groups and soloists performed. The substantive tone of the 28th World Sick Day was given by The Children's Choir of the district of Sv. Marija Snježna Kutina, Women's Choir of the district Choir "Dr Gustav Baron “St. Marija Snježna Kutina, district Choir of AS District of Blessed A. Stepinac Kutinska Slatina, Kristina Vidović and Jasenko Horvat, Saša Begović Matošković, Women's Vocal Group of Kutinska Dunja, Vocal Group of Rusalka, Singing Choir "For Your Soul" of the Pensioners Association of the City of Kutina, and districts choir of the Bl. A. Stepinac from Budaševo as a guest choir,. The audience showed their gratitude with selfless applause and gave support to the performers and volunteers of the Foundation. Acknowledgements for the organization were given to the City of Kutina, the Public Open University, the printing houses Grafotisak and Gratis, the organizers Bernarda Grdić, and ZAMP.


In the finale, Mr Mariano Passerini thanked in particular for organizing the concert mr. Zlatko Babic, Mayor of the City of Kutina, Jasminka Molnar, Director of the Public Open University and wholehearted program implementer Bernardi Grdić. Addressing the audience, Mayor of Kutina Zlatko Babic supported further projects of the Ivan´s House Foundation and all associations that are tireless in recognizing the needs of citizens and concluded by saying: “Kutina always had a humanitarian heart, and with the work of the Ivan´s House Foundation, it is even more expanded and refined. "

Invitation to the 3rd Humanitarian Concert

Meeting on Alzheimer's Disease and ZIK Activities for Representatives of Kutina Local Board Councils

On the meeting held on 4.12.2019. we tried to emphasize the need for mutual help for the elderly and sick members of our community. ZIK Volunteers Dr. Ljubica Tucaković, prof. Olga Friscic and soc.ped. Snježana Lončarić prepared a lecture on Alzheimer's disease where they tried to describe and familiarize Council members with the basic medical, psychological and social aspects of the disease, its prevalence in the country and the world, and the poor prognosis that scientists predict in terms of a large increase in the number of patients.

They also presented the steps our country has taken to combat this wicked disease. 
 The current lack of care and assistance to patients and their families at the level of our city and the entire state were pointed out to accomplish better awareness.
Finally, the Council's representatives were briefed on the work, mission and plans of the "Ivan´s House Foundation", established to assist their loved ones.
Further cooperation has been agreed between ZIK volunteers and the Local Committees. We look forward to such cooperation and promoting the end goal in the form of social inclusion and a better quality of life for fellow citizens of Alzheimer's and other dementias and to help their families.



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